What are performance teams?

Performance teams are for students who want to experience a dance team environment without traveling to competitions. 


Auditions will be held July 27th 2020 at Inspire Dance Company  from 10:30-11:00. If a dancer can not make auditions in person they can send in a video audition. Studio auditions for the Mini Pink team are not required but they are welcome to come in and experience the audition process. 

By auditioning for a performance team you must agree to the following:

1. You are committed to a team.  The more classes a team member misses, the harder it is for the group to practice. 

2. You will have FUN! We will work hard during classes but in a fun atmosphere. Leave all grumpy faces outside and be ready to dance, have fun, and smile!

3. As a team member you are required to purchase the performance team attire. This includes the  uniform, and shoes (tan jazz shoes for Pink and Purple teams, and black jazz shoes for the Poms team). These will be worn for all practices and any performances.

4. We will try to schedule performance opportunities during the team rehearsal time when possible, but this will not always be the case. For example, there are local events that are set by other organizations such as parades and festivals.

5. You will be a good representative for Inspire Dance Company. Be kind to others at all times. This also means you give permission for photos and videos of the team members to be used for any advertising, online social media, flyers, and more.

6. All members must be enrolled at Inspire Dance Company.


If you are interested in trying out for a performance team you can register for auditions on our website at inspiredancecogj.com. 

Please contact Cindy at simply.cindy.co.mail@gmail.com with your dancers name, age, and if you are auditioning for the Pink, Purple, or Poms team. Please include if you will be attending the studio audition or if you will be sending in a clip of your dancer. You must be enrolled at Inspire Dance Company before you audition for the performance team. Anyone not enrolled at Inspire will not be able to audition.



Team Information:


Inspire’s Pink Mini Team is perfect for the youngest performers, ages 5 -8, all beginner dancers are welcome. Mini Pink meets once a week for a 30 minute team practice. Team members must be enrolled in at least one additional Inspire class of any style. 


Inspire’s Purple Team is for our intermediate to advanced dancers,  who have had at least one year of dance in any style. Inspire Purple team meets once a week for a 45 minuet team practice. Purple team members must be enrolled in at least two additional Inspire classes of any style.


Inspire Poms Team is for any dancer age 9 all the way to teen and adult aged dancers! The Inspire Pom team will meet once a week for a 30 minute practice, and Pom team members are strongly encouraged to take at least two other Inspire classes a week but must be enrolled in at least one additional class in any style. Pom Team members are also required to purchase the team Poms along with their uniform. The Pom team uniform will be different than the pink and purple team uniforms and will consist of an Inspire shirt and black shorts or  black leggings, and black jazz shoes.



Rehearsal for team members will start with Inspire Dance Company’s season 7 schedule. There will be a team welcoming party to all new members July 31st! 

There is a limit of 10 members per team, if you audition for a spot you are committed to the 20/21 dance year. Team class fees are the same as any other Inspire class and will be paid together with your studio dues each month. Inspires rates may change between now and when the season 7 schedule is released.  All fees are non-refundable, no exceptions.


Team class schedule is tentatively set for each Friday, and members should be available for practice/performance from 3-6pm on Fridays.