Tim “Randm” Salaz started Poppin in 2005, when he met his now fellow crew mates, Poppin John and PopNTod . After a lot of traveling and meeting new dancers, Poppin John and Randm decided to form a crew which would later be called “Soulbotics”, which was merged from a rival poppin crew from Texas at the time. Soulbotics now consists of 9 members: Poppin John, Poppin Todd, John Doe, Dnoi, Sweet Feet, Breeze Lee, Brandon 747 Harrell, and Tim “Randm” Salaz. Soulbotics (or SBK) is one of the top-rated Poppin Crews in the USA.

Randm also teaches on the Poppin web site, Learn2bust.com, which features some of the best poppers breaking down techniques of poppin in over 100 tutorial videos. Randm, a co-choreographer for Automatic Response, took 3rd place at WOD in San Diego in 2010.

He recently was on a 1-year contracted tour with Carnival Cruise Lines ship, “The Dream”, and was a featured dancer in the highly rated show “Dancing in the Streets”. He was also just featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show as an upcoming Youtube dancer. Randm has won numerous battles around the USA, and 7 years into the poppin scene, he still tries to maintain originality while keeping the art of the dance poppin alive.

He is a firm believer in knowing the culture and foundation of the dance, and wants to spread to the dubstep scene that dubstep is a type of music, while the way people dance to is usually poppin and poppin-based techniques, and it needs to be acknowleged and celebrated as such.

Tim will be here Sunday April 3rd teaching three levels of classes from beginner through advanced.

Beginner Class-11:00-11:45am
Intermediate Class-11:45-12:45pm
Advanced Class-12:45-1:45pm

1 class $20 or 2 for $35

Register at Inspire Dance Company